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The easiest way to shop your groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep in about 30 or 60 minutes average time depending on your location. We offer a convenient and seamless grocery shopping experience that frees you from the unavoidable chore of heading to the supermarket with all the challenges you may face there.


Futura Book




Color Palette

yellow green


misty rose




beau blue



Home Screen

The App homescreen needed to be modular enough to accommodate several categories as well as banners along with a full listing of Stores. This helped user better find a desired product within fewer clicks


We designed the store to help user find the exact product through designated categories within the store itself or help finding a particular product directly on search inside a store, impacting overall time savings for end user.

My Cart

The User could tweak any important information right from products in cart to delivery date and time, payment options and orders from multiple stores all in one viewport.

All Screens

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