Holistic virtual awareness app to connect with therapists across 160+ types of alternative therapies.


Thriive Art & Soul is India’s leading digital wellness platform that verifies and lists alternative therapists across 160+ types of alternative therapies. Our state-of-the-art digital verification system ensures that only credible, trustworthy therapists are listed. We change the way people get help for physical, emotional, or mental issues by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to trusted and verified therapists. The Thriive makes professional counselling available anytime, anywhere, through phone calls, chats and personal meetings. The Thriive partner app helps in getting new customers and growing your business. Our vision is to provide service professionals (Alternative Therapy Experts) like yourself a platform that not only markets you but also helps you find genuine customers using the power of technology.


Rubik Family




Color Palette

Blue voilet







Ghost White



APP User Flow


The home screen of the app is made in consideration to create a soothing and relaxed mood, It allows the user to select a Category upfront and resolve his issues. It also provides users with details for upcoming events and features of the portal.


The dashboard allows the user to understand the upcoming appointments and also gives details on his past appointments. These appointments can be completed /edited or suspended/rescheduled via the same screen functionalities.

Auto Assigned Therapist Details

The UI was created in a way that does not require manual effort to choose a particular Therapist and gets auto-assigned according to the preferences and questions answered. This screen provides all details of the therapist while also allowing to find a different therapist if required.

Other Screens

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